Frequently Asked Questions (Technical)

Q1. Visible Light Transmission (VLT)?

The percentage amount of visible light that passes through the glass or film. Lesser light will be transmitted when the number is low.

Q2. Glare Reduction?

The decrease percentage when there is a difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light.

Q3. Visible Light Reflection?

The total percentage of light that is reflected by the window film or glass.

Q4: Ultraviolet Radiation (UV)?

Ultraviolet are invisible rays that part of the energy comes from the sun. UV rays can burn materials that undergo too much exposure to the sun.

Q5. Shading Coefficient (SC)?

The ratio of solar heat passing through a film to the solar energy gained that occurs if glasses are not protected. Lower number will result in better solar shading qualities.

Q6. Solar Heat Gained Coefficient (SHGC)?

Solar Heat Gained Coefficient measures how well a product blocks heat from the sun. Lower SGHC the better it is at blocking heat gain.

Q7. Total solar energy reflected?

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Q8. Total solar energy absorbed?

The total percentage amount of solar energy directly absorbed by the film. Lesser solar energy is absorbed when the number is low.

Q9: Total solar energy rejected?

The total percentage amount of solar energy directly rejected by the film. Lesser solar energy is absorbed when the number is low.

Q10. Tensile strength

Tensile strength measures the maximum amount of stress that the glass can take before breaking. ArmorShield film has a tensile strength of 33,175 glass pounds per square inch.

Q11. What additional services are available?

Break strength measures the force which is required to break the glass. ArmorShield film has a break strength of 136 pounds of force per inch width.

Q12: Peel Strength

Peel strength measures the average force to part two bonded materials like the glass and plastic films. ArmorShield film has a peel strength of 3200 grams per inch width.

Q13.Puncture Strength

Puncture strength measure a compression used on the film until an elongation limit is achieved. ArmorShield film has puncture strength of 74 grams of force per square inch.

Q14.Elongation at break

Elongation at break is the amount of stretch a film underwent before the breaking point. ArmorShield film has an elongation at break of 166%.

Frequently Asked Question (General)